2103 Whitehorse Mercerville Road
Hamilton, New Jersey 08619-2641
(609) 587-2345

Ballet Technique is directed by Julie Caprio who has many years of professional ballet experience. Ballet Technique, located in Mercer County, New Jersey, has been actively in business since 1986. The school offers all levels of ballet to students of all ages.

The curriculum is designed to teach and strengthen classical technique. Beginning classes establish good habits and the foundation for future progress. Intermediate levels increase vocabulary and sequences of center practice. Advanced levels continue to perfect their placement and execute center work with greater precision. The school philosophy is to bring together and strengthen the body and mind in ballet technique. It is our opinion that ballet should be accessible to anyone who wants to learn the technique of this beautiful physical art form.

We strive to offer many classes that are available from the beginning level to professional. All students are encouraged to work at their own pace. We will schedule an appointment with the student if he/she is interested on a career in ballet or a related career. Our focus is on individual growth. Many people dance for many different reasons.  Whether it is for a professional career or for sheer enjoyment, each student is acknowledged and encouraged to progress at a comfortable pace.

We believe that the student will find ballet to be quite satisfying for the body and mind. The physicality of ballet works most efficiently with a strong focus.  “Enjoy the dance”.


A classically based company, performing both classical and contemporary works.  Hamilton Ballet Theatre, Inc (HBT) invites different choreographers from the tri-state area to work with the dancers. HBT is approaching its 17th year and has already been the recipient of five grants.

HBT continues to serve the community by giving complementary demonstrations and performances to the schools, hospitals and senior citizens organizations. HBT also participates in fundraising events for other non-profit organizations, including New Jersey Network (NJN). HBT is a member of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Auditions are held in August for the Nutcracker and in January for the Spring Performance.

Hamilton Ballet Theatre, Inc (HBT). was incorporated in the State of New Jersey on February 21, 1991 as a tax exempt corporation. Subsequent to the State incorporation, HBT applied to the Internal Revenue Service for Federal tax exempt status. On July 24, 1991 HBT  received approval from the Internal Revenue Service.

HBT Reviews

“91” Anne Levin “Promising work from a fledgling group”

“96” Anne Levin “Caprio is a beautifully expressive dancer with a magnetic presence as well as strong technique. The dancers Caprio has trained at her Ballet Technique studio in Hamilton easily held their own with the accomplished guest artists joining them for the tour. Female guest artists Jill Dawson, Brannan Osburn (on loan from American Repertory Ballet) and Felicia Terlecki danced with grace and precision. Local dancers Nicole Guzzo, Stephanie Bledsoe, Renee Midura, Elaine Almeida, Joy Pearson and Mia Hattori provided solid support”

Peter Spencer (Courier Times) “La Traviata” Boheme Opera’s.  A team of talented young dancers (HBT) enlivened the gambling scene, which, in Bazell’s hands, became the evening’s dramatic high point.

Ken Keuffel Jr. “Ballet duo enhances “Carmen” “Jill Dawson and Christopher Bandy performed a pas de deux on a lightly lit stage. Pas de deux were included during the entr’actes of the following three acts as well.”

“Dawson and Bandy, who moved with strength and grace, are the Hamilton Ballet Theatre students of Julie A. Caprio.”

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